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Setup page titles

What is the page title?

The page title is the title of the page a person is visiting. This title is not visible on the page itself, but will be visible in the browser tab, and on other websites like in searchengines.


How to set it up?

In the CMS we go to the module settings and go to tab "basic website configuration". We find some settings related to the page title under section "general". We can enter a default website title, which will be used whenever we "forget" to add a good page title to a page. As a better alternative of course we should add a page prefix and/or suffix. Usually the best is to only setup a suffix with the name or short slogan of the company. Make sure to include a space or separator to make the end result look nice.

Of course for every page we would also have to add a page title. By default the name of the page will be used as a page title, but this is usually not what we (should) want. For every page the title can be setup in the SEO tab of the page itself.


As a result of this setup, the format of the full page title will be: prefix / page title / suffix

Example; when the page title is "home" and the suffix is " - my company", the full page title of the home page will be "home - my company".

Example 2; when the prefix is "my company..." and the page title is "home", the full title of the home page will be "my companyhome".

These settings are available from version 4.2.66.